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Smart fingerprint access control
reader built to withstand the
demands of the most unforgiving
and harsh environments.

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2. XEN I O- AC700 3141 Commerce Parkway, Miramar FL 33025 • www.sekureid.com Toll free: 1 -888-783-1493 • Tel: +1-305-231-3335 • [email protected] Specifications Height: 7.67 inches / 195mm Width: 3.26 inches / 83mm Deep: 2.75 inches / 70mm TI ARM A8 Cortex 1 Ghz 4GB Flash Memory, 512 RAM User Capacity: 1,000 / 10,000 Optional Record Capacity: 1 Million Fingerprint Technology: Patented Multi spectral imaging Image resolution: 500DPI Scanning area: 17.4 mm x 13mm Identification Methods: 1:1 or 1:N User Capacity: 1000 / 10,000 Optional Fingerprint capacity: 10,000 / 100,000 Optional Standards: ANSI378, ISO1974 Certified with NIST Minex-III, PIV, FBI WSQ and most industry biometric standards and interoperability PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Wi-Fi Bluetooth Smart 4.0 1 Programmable Universal Relay RS485 (COM) Wiegand Output 2 TTL Input 1 TTL Outpu DC 12 Volts Current (Operational): 1.5A Standard Reader: 125Khz EM Prox Optional Dual Frequency Reader: Frequencies: 125kHz and 13.56 MHz Supported credential types: HID Prox, EM Prox iClass SE/SR/Seos/Elite Mifare 1K, 4K, Classic, Certified US Government FIPS 210 PIV II DIMENSIONS POWER SMART CARD TECHNOLOGY One Xenio-AC700 Xenio Instruction Guide, Wall Mount Security Screw Wall Anchors Wall Mount Screw WHATS INCLUDED IN THE BOX COMMUNICATION INTERFACE BIOMETRICS MEMORY & PROCESSOR Fingerprint, Smart Card AUTHENTICATION METHODS

1. Features Smart fingerprint access control reader built to withstand the demands of the most unforgiving and harsh environments. XEN I O- AC700 Powerful. Tough. Eective. Flexible APIs The SekureID Cloud and Xenio APIs provide methods to manage, control, and monitor Xenio Smart Biometric & RFID devices. World’s #1 Fingerprint Technology Extra large finger capture area #1 fingerprint algorithm in minex iii fbi-piv certified. Power Over Ethernet Using the existing Local Area Network (LAN) for both power and data eliminates the need for any additional power supply or electrical wiring. Dual Frequency Card Reader The Xenio-AC700 offers dynamic dual frecuency support of multiple credential technologies including iCLASS Seos, iClass SE, Standard iCLASS, HID Prox, Standard Prox EM, NFC, Felica MiFARE Classic, and Mifare DESfire EV1. Waterproof IP67 The Xenio-AC50 was designed with an IP-67 rated housing ideal for extreme outdoor environments, working even under water, snow, dust, and humid conditions without compromising it’s efficiency and reliability Mobile Pass As more business is conducted on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables, organizations need to meet user demands for flexible identity management - without sacrificing security and privacy.

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